Check out these novel ideas for decorating with glass bead garlands:
  • Place along the outer edges of your Christmas tree branches, allowing the garland to swag in between the branch sections
  • On a metal tree, wind them around the branch tines allowing the garland to swag in between the branches
  • Embellish a fireplace mantel  - especially beautiful in candlelight
  • Wind them around a decorative wood or metal column
  • Swag them between the arms of a chandelier
  • Drape them across the shade of a beautiful glass or crystal lamp
  • Use them on a pencil type, thin artificial Christmas tree
  • Use them to decorate a lighted topiary tree for the holiday.
  • Hang them vertically from the top of your Christmas tree
  • Mix them into a pre-lit fir/pine garland
  • Swag them across the front of an exposed chimney
  • Pin them into a swag curtain topper
  • Lay them around the frame of a doorway
  • Lay them around the outside edge of a large, framed picture
  • Wind them around the centerpiece of a holiday table or buffet
  • Mix them in a large bowl with glass or crystal ornaments or colorful fresh fruit
  • Hang them from the ceiling and use them as a holiday room divider (remember "love beads"??)
  • Hang them from inside a doorway and use them as a curtain
  • Decorate around the wreath placed on a door or window
  • Wind them in and around garland placed on a set of stairs

Aside from the obvious safety concerns (kids/pets etc.) in your particular home, you are only limited by your imagination!  :-) There are a few more ideas in my Christmas decorations blog.

For an approximate guide, figure on at least 2 -32" garlands per foot (height and width) of tree (so a 2 foot tree will need about  4 - 4-1/2 garlands).

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