Glass Bead Christmas Tree Garland-Brass Wire

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Glass Bead Christmas Tree Garland-Brass Wire

Glass Bead Christmas Tree Garland-Brass Wire

This beautiful glass Christmas tree garland is substantial enough to lay on the outer branches of a real tree with sturdy branches, a metal ornament tree or an artificial Christmas tree. Nothing sparkles on a Christmas tree like real glass. And these reflect light beautifully. I assemble these by hand and will leave the hooks on the ends. You can connect strand ends at the back of the tree if you wish.

  • Luxurious 16MM Austrian style cut glass beads on brass wire pins.
  • Clear Glass beads are approx. 1/2" in diameter, 3/8" deep
  • Beads are flat on the front, octagonal in overall design
  • Flat front, Beveled Sides, Pointed Back

Estimated quantities:

  • One garland (32") will dress a tree 1'-18" ft tall
  • Three garlands (96") decorates a tree 2 ft - 3 ft tall
  • Four-five garlands (128-160") decorates a tree up to 4 ft tall.
  • Eight-twelve garlands (256-320") decorates a tree up to 7 ft tall.

The total length you need will depend upon how tightly you wind the garland around the tree and if you place them on the outer edge or inner edges of your tree. If you are choosing a garland for an artificial or real tree, allow for the extra width of your tree and get the longest length. The brass pins are strong and the beads will not fall off of the connector. However, the ends can be pulled apart by hand to add other design elements or connect your chains at the end if you wish.

We will automatically assume that you want multiple strands to be connected and will do so for you. If you order multiples and do NOT want them connected, please select that option before adding to your cart. If you order multiples and want some connected and some not, select that option. Then, add a note in the 'Comments' area of our cart telling us how many to connect and how many to leave unconnected.

NOTE: I will go over each strand and gently push in the wires connecting the beads to keep them from snagging. The connecting pins are strong and the beads will not fall off of the connectors during normal use. Beads may separate during shipping, during the unwrapping or while you are placing them. You should have a pair of needle nose pliers on hand in case you need to join a few again. A piece of Scotch tape on the teeth will help to avoid marring the finish on the connectors.

The entire garland is wrapped in self-adhesive bubble wrap which is reusable if carefully handled. I also supply a black gloss gift box (Indestructo) for off-season storage. If you are not reusing the bubble wrap, wipe beads with a soft lint-free cloth before storing. Visit my Christmas decorating blog to get a few ideas for using glass bead garlands in your home this holiday season.

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