• Tabletop Silver Pre-lit Mini Christmas Tree

Tabletop Silver Pre-lit Mini Christmas Tree

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Tabletop Silver Pre-lit Mini Christmas Tree

Tabletop Silver Pre-lit Mini Christmas Tree


Bring the holiday spirit into your small apartment, home or office with this custom made, hand-decorated silver mini tree. Ann Laurie, the designer, creates gorgeous,  artificial Christmas trees. These elegant trees photograph a little "busy" because she is generous in the application of decorations. Every year she surprises me with her creativity and no two trees are ever exactly alike. If you are visiting before mid-November, please note photos on the site are from previous years.

  • 18" tall, approx. 6"-8-1/2" wide (at the widest point)
  • Illumination provided by 20 clear lights on a green colored strand with a two prong outlet.
  • An extension cord will be needed.
  • Silver angel figural tree topper 
  • Silver decorations: balls, plain, frosted, shiny, scored, beaded, glittered, clear and iridescent of various sizes; silver poinsettia leaves and other silver glittered foliage;
  • A decorated metal nickel silver container.
With proper care, your custom decorated artificial Christmas tree will look fresh and beautiful for many years to come. This is an outstanding, long-lasting gift for a disabled friend, a cherished senior or single, a loved one serving overseas, or a December wedding/ anniversary. Every Christmas your thoughtfulness will be remembered. 

PLEASE order before December 1st to send to a loved one serving overseas.

NOTE: International customers: this item is intended for use in the USA on 120 volt household current. If the voltage common to your country is different, an adapter or voltage regulator will be required in order for it to work in your country.

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