Designing Your Custom Christmas Tree Skirt

Sometimes the number of choices can be a bit overwhelming. This might help you a bit. :-)

Choosing Fabrics:

At the present time, all of my fabrics are decorator quality diamond stitched 100% silk -taffeta or dupioni. You may be able to see the slubs and variations in the fabric which are common for natural dupioni silk. I use only decorator quality silk because these fabrics are inherently more elegant, feel better in your hand and lay better.

Skirts are one piece construction, machine and hand stitched, sequined and beaded appliqués stitched and applied to last. The available fabric, trim, lining options are listed with each tree skirt decoration. Your skirt can be designed to cover a table top or to lay on the floor. Tabletop rectangular and square tree skirts are intended to go under a Christmas tree stand and do not have a center neck opening. If needed, be sure to select the type of neck opening that you need in the fabric options.

Choosing Decorations:

When selecting your Christmas related theme, think about:

  • the type of ornaments you collect (colored, clear, pendant, round, etc.);
  • the theme of the ornaments that you collect;
  • the color of ornaments that you collect; OR
  • the colors of your home decor;
  • the style of your home decor (rustic, country, modern, traditional etc.); OR,
  • the color and style of your Christmas tree (real or artificial; full pine, alpine, country, metal ornament tree, twig, etc.)

If you want the Christmas-related theme to also address a particular aspect of your personality or that of the person to whom you are gifting, I can probably do that as well - if the type of decorations I prefer to use are available. The currently available custom themes are here.

I prefer to use silk fabrics in a neutral color in the cream - warm tan color range or jewel-tones. These colors blend with any home decor and will not overpower your decorations. NOTE: I cannot promise that my fabrics will match the color that you see on your monitor because computer monitors display colors differently. If you need a small 1" fabric sample contact me or order it here.

Use and Care of your silk Christmas Tree Skirt

Lay down your tree skirt last - after all of the lights and other decorations on your tree have been placed and the tree is in its' permanent display spot. Handle gently. The sequins in the appliqués can crack or break if handled roughly. Unless otherwise stated, the silk fabrics I choose have been treated to be stain resistant (according to the manufacturer.)

If your skirt is under a live tree, water it before laying down your skirt. Thereafter before adding water to the container, cover the skirt with plastic or keep some paper towels nearby so that you can quickly blot up spills.  Pat gently until nearly dry. Do not rub. The tree skirt should be spot cleaned. Do not wash or dry clean.

Storing Your Silk Christmas Tree Skirt Off-Season

Your silk Christmas tree skirt will ship inside of a plastic mailing pouch and a cardboard carton. Both of which should be used for off-season storage. If there is tissue is between the layers of your skirt, do not throw it away. Use it again when you put your decorations away at the end of the holiday season. Please do not store your silk Christmas tree skirt in an area subject to moisture, humidity, heat or cold.

After You Order

You will receive a confirmation from the cart and an email with a link leading to a form with a few questions that will give me some background information about your home decor, decorating style, and color choices. Fill it out as soon as you can. It will give me a more rounded picture of where the skirt will be located and what type of layout will be most appealing to you. If you have any questions you can always call (and leave a message) , text me or fax me at 724.897.7393.

Buying a Silk Christmas Skirt to Give as a Gift?

If you are giving your skirt as a gift let me know by adding a note in the Comments area of the shopping cart before you check out. I will include an Organza storage bag and a gift card.