The Lay - Buys Checkout Process

After you put the Silk Christmas Tree Skirt of your choice in the cart, if you are finished ordering, click the Checkout button in the top right hand corner of the website.

Complete your personal information on the form. Check the Lay-Buys payment button when it appears. Read the Terms, tic the box and click the Proceed button. You will be forwarded to the Lay-Buys set up page below.

Select the amount of your first layaway payment  (20% - 50%).

Then select length of time for making payments on your layaway (1-6 months.) Your monthly payment will show in the far right column.

You will see a summary of the down payment amount, the length of time, your monthly payment and comments from Lay-Buys related to your order.

Click the Loading" button to be forward to the Paypal payment page. Log in to your Paypal account and complete your payment or pay by credit card.

You will be notified each month when the payment is due. Return to Paypal to complete the payment. Custom Christmas Tree Skirts will not be started until after final approval and 50% of the total cost has been paid.

 Thanks for your order!
I appreciate your business and your confidence in my loving craftsmanship! :-)