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I love ChristmasTM and shop for affordable, unique Christmas decorations all year around. If you are like me, you pick a holiday theme or color and go all out to decorate your home for the holidays: windows, doors, stairway, fireplace, tabletops - each one with carefully selected decorations expressing the joy and beauty of this season. Your holiday home reflects your personal style and your love of the Christmas holiday season.

So, take a look at the ornament hooks, family photo ornaments and decorated, lit miniature trees on this site that will enhance your traditional Christmas tree decorations.

And this year, decorate under your Christmas tree with a beautiful, affordable silk Christmas tree skirt. Click the following link if you are interested in owning a custom made silk Christmas tree skirt.

I especially love the sparkle and shine of real glass Christmas tree garlands and glass ornaments on a Christmas tree. Or, try something new by using a metal ornament tree as your main tree or an accessory decoration.

I've shared some of my own holiday decorating ideas and activities in a web blog. Take your time and look around I Love ChristmasTM. If you have questions about one of our affordable unique Christmas decorations or want one of them custom made, call me or drop me a note.