I Love Christmas: Unique, Affordable Decorations and a Christmas Decorating Blog

I love ChristmasTM and shop for affordable, unique Christmas decorations all year around. If you are like me, you pick a holiday theme or color and go all out to decorate your home for the holidays: windows, doors, stairway, fireplace, tabletops - each one with carefully selected decorations expressing the joy and beauty of this season. Every room in your home looks "Christmas-sy" as my little ones say. :-) Your whole home reflects your personal style and love of the Christmas holiday season.

So, take a look at the unique ornament hooks and family photo ornaments on this site to personalize your Christmas tree. I especially love the sparkle and shine of real glass Christmas tree garlands and glass ornaments on a Christmas tree. No room for a big tree? Try an ornament display tree or ornament stand to display special collectible ornaments.

This year, decorate under your Christmas tree with a beautiful, affordable silk Christmas tree skirt. Click the following link if you are interested in owning a custom made silk Christmas tree skirt.

Looking for a way to add some Christmas glamour to a small apartment, display niche, kitchen or guest bedroom? One of these hand-made, decorated, lighted tabletop Christmas trees might just be the inexpensive solution for your problem.

There is nothing I enjoy more than taking something old and making it look new. So, I've shared some of my own holiday decorating ideas, recipes and activities in a web blog. Take your time and look around I Love ChristmasTM. If you have questions about one of our affordable unique Christmas decorations or want one custom made, call me or drop me a note.