International Shipping Services

To give you some idea of the approximate cost to ship 1 lb package see the chart below.

The actual cost to ship your order will be based on the final dimensional weight of the package and your location.


Shipping Time   Pricing
Global Express Guaranteed®
1–3 Business Days $67.80 and up
Priority Mail Express International® 
3–5 Business Days $44.00 and up
Priority Mail International® Service 
6–10 Business Days$25.85 and up
First-Class Package International Svc® 
Varies by Destination
$10.50 and up  

I ship primarily to English speaking countries: Canada, Puerto Rico, US territories,  the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man), Western Europe and Australia. Shipping can be arranged by UPS or USPS Priority Mail International.  Delivery time is usually up to your country. For instance, UK orders generally arrive within a week. But Australian orders could take up to three weeks to arrive.  To be on the safe side allow 2 weeks for transit by regular Priority and 1 week for Priority Express. A tracking number will be supplied after shipment. Because International shipping is so expensive, I try my best to get the cheapest shipping rate for you.

If your country is not listed among those to which I ship, use the Contact Form to let us know which item(s) you want, the quantity, your city, postal code and country. I will get back to you as soon as possible and let you know if I can ship to you and, the total of your order with the item and shipping charges. If you approve the order and shipping charge quote, I will process a mail/phone order for you and either notify you to return to the site, log in and complete payment or, send you a separate, secure e-mail invoice for payment by credit card or e-check. After payment clears, the order will be sent to the warehouse for shipment.

The US Postal Service Priority Mail International shipping charge that you pay covers shipping to the border of your country and in some cases to your door if there is no duty or tax due and payable to your country. UPS Canadian or international shipping charge only covers shipping from the US to the border of your country. There will be additional delivery, brokerage, duty and fees charged and collected by UPS. We do not collect them and they do not pass any of these fees on to or refund them back to us.

I cannot guarantee timely delivery of an international order after it leaves my hands. I pack it carefully, label it and put it in the hands of the post office. After that it is up to the US Postal service and the postal service in your country to get your order to you in time. In short, order early!! :-)

After your package arrives, your country may assess additional duties, customs or other fees to you based upon the value of your order. Generally, an order and/or gifts valued at less than $25 do not incur import fees. I report the value for customs purposes as the total of the items on the order before the shipping charge. To find out what import / duty VAT fees, taxes and charges you will likely incur, go to this website to get a link to the postal service in your country. Or, visit your local postal office.

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