A New Twist on a Holiday Décor Standard: Themed, Custom-Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirts

I Love Christmas! enters the Christmas Home Décor Market with Custom Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirts in a variety of fabrics, trims and holiday themes.

Oct 17, 2020, 10:13 ET PITTSBURGH. For the upcoming holiday decorating season, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! is introducing a series of custom made silk Christmas tree skirts heavily encrusted with luxurious appliques in holiday related themes. Savvy Christmas decorators who carefully select their ornaments, garlands and trees want something more. And nothing compares to the luxurious feel and look of real silk. Each custom made silk tree skirt starts with a theme and colorway of the customers’ choice and is heavily encrusted with high quality, hand-applied, sequined and beaded decorations.

Custom made or Themed silk Christmas tree skirts are perfect for high-end home decorators who want to extend the impact of their holiday decorations to an elegant solution under the Christmas tree. Trade show booth and store owners can use it to coordinate their holiday products for sale and create a more spectacular display.

"Like most entrepreneurs, I started this business to ‘scratch my own itch’ for a real silk Christmas tree skirt made with decorator quality silk fabric - no skimping on the quantity of elegant, sparkling decorations;” said E. P. Walker, I Love Christmas designer. "Thanks to Mrs. Clark, my 4th grade Home Economics teacher, I was able to make it. Everyone who saw mine also wanted one. Their custom made silk Christmas tree skirts have become a treasured possession that they are proud to own and display every holiday season."

Customers can choose from 18 different themes, stain-resistant diamond stitched dupioni or taffeta silk fabrics, in colors from cream to light tan, sized from 36”-52”, round, octagon or rectangle shapes, with or without fringe trim. All skirts can be ordered directly or purchased using an easy to-use monthly payment plan. Each Christmas tree skirt comes ‘ready-to-give’ with an organza gift pouch and a moisture-resistant bag for off-season storage. “I have been making custom designed silk tree skirts for six years. This is the first year of a secure website from which customers all over the world can choose to have an heirloom-quality silk Christmas tree skirt made just for them,” continued Walker. Custom-made, themed, silk Christmas tree skirts are available exclusively from the new (2019) website, Silk Christmas Tree Skirts.com The ready-made Christmas tree skirts are also available at I-love-christmas.com and Amazon.com.

About I love Christmas! A secure website from which a consumer or a retailer can purchase unique, affordable, handmade Christmas home décor such as custom-made silk Christmas tree skirts, decorated, lighted tabletop miniature Christmas trees, glass ornaments, glass Christmas tree garlands and fancy and precious metal ornament hooks and, metal ornament display trees. Wholesale pricing is available for some items. To learn more about I Love Christmas!tm and all of their available products, visit I Love Christmas!

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