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Christmas Holiday Recipes

Christmas Holiday Recipes

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I love Christmas and plan for it all year.  I am a Christmas 'nutt':-)

Like many of you, I window shop for high quality, affordable. unique Christmas decorations all year long. The Christmas tree usually goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving and reluctantly comes down mid-January. If I had a larger home, I would have more than one tree. Christmas music - from country to traditional (preferred) to classical - plays in the background from the beginning of November until the day I take down the tree. I love hearing the Messiah and classical Christmas music before Thanksgiving, my favorite vocals until 6 pm Christmas eve and gentle/jazz Christmas eve thereafter until that holiday feeling passes and life returns to 'normal' - whatever that is. :-)

In my Christmas decorating blog you will find decorating tips, ideas and instructions for the Christmas ornaments made for myself, family and friends.  Have fun looking at the articles. Then, try some of these ideas yourself. :-)

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  • Be sure to take a look at I Love ChristmasTM website bursting with affordable, unique, handmade Christmas decorations that will add a glamorous note to your holiday celebration such as 100% silk Christmas tree skirts, glass crystal Christmas tree garlands, glass Christmas ornaments, custom-made fancy Christmas ornament hooks, family photo ornaments and predecorated, prelit mini 18" Christmas trees created by Ann Laurie, my gracious "mom."

    I've also added a few of the discontinued eBay guides that I wrote because I want that valuable info to still be available.

    I will be adding my own ideas and tips as well as useful resources, beautiful ideas, and tips from across the Internet. Feel free to link to it ( I Love ChristmasTM Decorating Blog ) try some of my ideas and share this site with the Christmas 'nutts' in your life. :-)