What I Love Most about Christmas...

Christmas Holiday Recipes

Christmas Holiday Recipes

I Love Christmas Holiday Decorating Tips

I love Christmas! Like many of you, I window shop for high quality, affordable, unique Christmas decorations all year long and commence planning and actual shopping as soon as cooler weather arrives. I look forward to the entire holiday season from November 1 to January 2. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year.

I love everything about Christmas...

  • the wonder of God's redemption entering the world as a poor, peasant baby;
  • the Christmas holiday decorating;
  • the blessings of sharing a holiday meal with the family;
  • the baking - Oh! the smells of holiday baking;
  • the planning and purchasing of gifts for loved ones;
  • and most of all the knowledge of my Saviour and His love for us all.

The Christmas tree usually goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving and reluctantly comes down mid-January. If I had a larger home, I would have more than one tree. Christmas music - from country to traditional (preferred) to classical - plays in the background from the beginning of November until the day I take down the tree. I love hearing the Messiah and classical Christmas music before Thanksgiving, my favorite vocals until 6 pm Christmas eve, gentle/jazz Christmas eve and days thereafter until the holiday feeling passes and life returns to 'normal' - whatever that is. :-)

In this Christmas decorating blog you will find decorating tips, ideas and instructions for the Christmas decorations that I made for myself, clients, family and friends.  Have fun looking at the articles. Then, try some of these ideas yourself.

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  • Discontinued eBay Le Creuset Buying Guides

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    I've also added my discontinued eBay buying guides for Le Creuset cookware and Griffith Laboratories spice jars because that valuable info was gathered over the course of a few years and should be made available to buyers and collectors of both products.

    I will be adding more of my ideas and tips as well as useful resources, beautiful ideas, and tips from across the Internet. Feel free to link to it, ( I Love ChristmasTM Decorating Blog ) try some of my ideas and share this site with the Christmas lovers in your life. :-)

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