Christmas is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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  Christmas: the most wonderful time of the year.

Largely due to the influence of Christianity I think the places where Christmas is truly celebrated become a much nicer for those few days out of the year: the friendly become a bit more friendly - the loving more loving and the generous even more so. Add to that the lights, the decorations, the music and the holiness of the celebration, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year. :-)

Some of my favorite childhood holiday memories include:

  • memorizing the Night Before Christmas and reciting it at the Christmas party at my fathers job;
  • our family decorating the Christmas tree together while Christmas music played on the stereo;
  • watching Christmas cartoons in the 8 pm family hour: Amahl and the Night Visitors, Charlie Brown, Frosty the Snowman, The Little Drummer Boy;
  • memorizing an acting part or Bible verses for the Sunday School Christmas play;
  • sneaking downstairs and sitting on the steps Christmas eve listening to the music and hoping to catch Santa;
  • the year my dad had us all help him bake fruitcakes which he sold on his job to earn extra money;
  • the candelabra mother put in the windows year after year;
  • Christmas day when the grandparents came bringing gifts and more food for dinner
  • being relegated to the children's' table;
  • the elderly aunt who always gave all of us underwear or socks;
  • the year Nat King Cole sang "O Tannenbaum" in German. Rumor had it no "negro" could do it. He did and it was beautiful;
  • Dad piling all of us in the car and driving around the neighborhoods to see all of the Christmas decorations. In those days, almost everyone decorated their home in some way - even if it was just a candle or wreath in the window.
  • The smell of pine which permeated the house after dad put up the tree;
  • the smell of holiday cookies, cakes and pies baking;
  • huge delicious apples, clove studded oranges and Christmas candies in special jars;
  • the bayberry candle lighted midnight Christmas eve to burn all Christmas day;
  • the silver holiday tinsel always the last thing to go on the tree - do they still make it?? :-)
  • and so much more...

Christmas time can also be stressful and memories a mixes blessing for those whose family of origin does not reflect the love of God in any meaningful way. If instead of being loved and cared for, you were physically /emotionally abused, demeaned, ignored or mistreated, Christmas time can be a reminder of times that were not so good - even depressing.

I am a firm believer that God always provides love, even in that situation. God works through people. Think back on your childhood. Was there a teacher who cared about you, a friend or neighbor who took you in without criticism, an aunt or uncle or grandparent who loved you unconditionally? That, my friend, was God in His own quiet way affirming your value to Him in spite of the negativity in the people around you. His love never ends. If you will open your heart to Him and receive the salvation and forgiveness of God purchased for us by Jesus Christ in His death on the cross, burial and resurrection, His love will change you forever.

Take some time this Christmas to open your heart and your hands. Think of a lovingly handmade or specially chosen gift that you can give to someone with no strings attached - no expectation of a return. Bake a batch of good cookies; give a small gift to someone who is alone; make something for someone who will appreciate a hand-made gift. There are a myriad of small ways to extend the love of God to someone who needs it. Know that the God of Creation, who knows you and sees all, will ultimately reward your deeds of kindness and love.

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