How to Make Your Own Money Tree

How to Make Your Own Money Tree

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How to Make Your Own Money Tree

Ideas for Making a Money, Mitzvah or Blessing Tree

   Recently, a customer inquired about using a photo tree as a money tree for a retirement party. Truthfully, it never occurred to me that our family photo frames or photo trees with frames would work equally well as a money tree. But, a customer suggested using one for that purpose. For the party, fold the money with the Presidents facing out as shown in the example above. After the party, the recipient has a beautiful ornament tree or photo tree memento in which to display photos of their loved ones.

You can use just about any one of the metal or artificial ornament trees in our store to create a money tree. HINT: Get a tree with multiple arms when you are trying to encourage people to give generously to a loved one or cause. Make room for a miracle and you'll get it. :-)

Here are a few creative suggestions for personalizing money gifts if you are making a family money tree:

  • put the money in small, colorful envelopes 6" x 9" envelopes
  • colored 3" x 6" coin envelopes
  • tag or colored envelopes (like those use by cashiers, etc.)
  • use a decorative hole punch to make a hole in the envelope and add a hanging ribbon
  • add colorful stickers or stamps to the envelopes
  • use metallic markers to write wise sayings regarding money or personal sentiments on the outside of the envelopes
  • use decorated mailing labels for wise sayings regarding money or personal sentiments
  • let the kids/grandkids in the family decorate the envelopes with colorful or metallic markers
Attach money / gifts to the tree using:

  • Gum bands (rubber bands to the rest of America) :-)
  • Partially unbend large (2") silver or gold paper clips - unwind the top section and place the money in the bottom section
  • Spray paint UNBENT large paper clips to change or add color if you wish
  • String, yarn, cord, clear filament attached to paper clips or to the item you want to hang
  • Pretty ribbons (1/4" - 1/2" wide) attached to paper clips or to the item you want to hang
  • Colorful (spray painted) spring clip clothespins tied to the tree with yarn or a ribbon
  • Alligator clips, document binder clips, round report binders tied to or hung on the tree
  • Mini photo clips for a Christmas money tree (sometimes available in craft stores)
  • Jumbo binder clips (you can spray paint these also)
  • Large jump rings (also called bypass): fold the money in half, slide money through one portion of the ring and place the ring on the tree
  • Miniature family photo frames with currency/dollar bills folded inside
  • Paper coin holders - sealed at the bottom, one hole punched in the top, bills folded and inserted, wind a thin ribbon through hole; spray paint if desired
  • Shower rings with a clip on the end; use tape on the money to prevent the clip from piercing it
  • Good old fashioned tape! (clear Scotch gift wrap tape, any type of removable colored vinyl tape)
  • Money tree hooks: ornament tree hooks can be used for holding money as well! Just fold the paper like a fan or in half, then half again, insert in the lower portion of the hook and fold in the middle. See photo #4 at the top of this page.
  • Money photo tree hooks with a clip: unique way to hang just about any type of lightweight item on a tree or branch
  • Miniature photo frames under 3" total for the width or the height is better for small trees. Taller floor height trees can accommodate a photo frames 3" x 5" or 4" x 6".

Securing money / gifts on the tree:

If you do not want to put the money in envelopes, use decorative silver 2" or larger metal paper clips. Attach the money on one end then, wind a pretty ribbon through the other end. Ribbon that is 1/8" - 1/4" wide should suffice. The ribbon can be color matched to the decorating scheme of your event.

A trip to your local office supply store or craft store will help to stir up your creativity! :-)

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Tags: how to make your own money tree

Tags: How to Make Your Own Money Tree

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