Le Creuset Cookware Colors and Assigned Numbers

Le Creuset Cookware Colors and Assigned Numbers

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Colors of Le Creuset Products and Assigned Numbers

Images courtesy of LeCreuset.com website 2020 colors

April 7, 2011
This information was very hard to find, so I want to spare others the search.  If you have information that is not here, please email it to me, along with where you got the information, and I will add it here.

00 Satin Black/Matte Black
02 Flame (orange), (graded color),1925
06 Cerise (red) (U.K.), probably the same as Cherry?
07 Blue (U.K) (solid color)
09 Blue
09 Volcanic (orange) (U.K.), (graded color),1925 - a darker red-orange than Flame (per eBay member prsc who saw them side by side)
10 Classic Green (U.K.), Sonoma Green (Williams-Sonoma changes color names so they can claim exclusivity.)
16 White
17 Caribbean (blue) (U.S.)
17 Teal (U.K.), (graduated color), 2007
19 Pink
20 Matte Black
26 Saffron (yellow) 1992
29 Chestnut (brown)
30 Cobalt (U.S.), Graded Blue (U.K.)
36 Citrus (yellow), Citron (Williams-Sonoma)
40 Dark Chestnut/Espresso (brown)
46 Mist (blue)
57 Jade (green) (U.K.)
59 Granite Grey (U.K.), 2000 (solid color)
63 Blue (U.K.)
65 Racing Green (U.K.)
67 Cherry (red)
68 Dune (U.S.), Almond/Cream (U.K.)
70 Dijon (yellow) 2008 Williams-Sonoma
71 Kiwi (green), 2004, Lemongrass (Williams-Sonoma)
72 Purple
75 Burgundy (red), 2005, Limited Edition, Sensations line and accessories (solid color)
77 Satin Blue (U.K.), 2004, Limited Edition (solid color)

Following is a list of colors for which I do not have an assigned number:
?? Hunter Green (solid color)
?? Granite Cream, 2000
?? Elysees Yellow, 1955
?? Chocolate (brown), 2003, Sensations line (solid color)
?? Pistachio (green), 2003, Sensations line (solid color)
?? Lavender, 2005
?? Mocha, Limited Edition
?? Soleil Yellow
?? Indigo Blue
?? Slate (gray) (graded color) 2008, Williams-Sonoma
?? Cactus (green)
?? Sky Blue
?? Azure Blue, Williams-Sonoma
?? Electric Blue, Sonoma Blue (Williams-Sonoma)
?? Strawberry (pink) (U.K.) (solid color)
?? Bloom (yellow) (U.K.) (solid color)
?? Olive (green-yellow), (graded color), exclusive to John Lewis (a UK store)
?? Aubergine (eggplant purple) (U.K), Fig, Cassis (U.S.) (graded color), exclusive to Lane Crawford in some countries
?? Antique Rose (pink) 2010 Limited Edition, comes in 4 sizes (solid color)
?? Lilac Mist (purple), Lilac (U.S.) 2010 Limited Edition, comes in 3 sizes (graded color), exclusive to Lane Crawford in some countries
?? Powder Pink (white touched with pink) "Seasonal Collection" 2010
?? Powder Blue (white touched with blue) "Seasonal Collection" 2010
?? Terre Naturelle (brown) France - I don't know if there is a translated color name, other than the direct translation "natural earth" (graded color)
?? Marronnier (chestnut brown) (graded color) 2010, exclusive to Lane Crawford in some or all countries
?? Ocean (grayish teal) (graded color) Williams-Sonoma, has the updated ergonomic knobs

2018 ADDED:
Pink floral print on black or white background
Deep Teal
Emerald Green

2020 ADDED:
Cerise (dark red)
Sea Salt
Midnight Grey

I think some colors that were solid are now graduated - one shade fading into another, even though the color name and number haven't changed, so I didn't mark most of them either way.  Some UK and European colors are not available in the US.  Or, they may have a different name in the USA.

For more information about Le Creuset cookware, visit their website "https://www. lecreuset-usa.com" . It has their warranty, some use and care information and current colors and styles. Be sure to read my other discontinued e-bay articles with tips for caring and storing LeCreuset cast iron cookware.2010-present. -- Blessings from a Le Creuset lover/user.

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Tags: Colors of Le Creuset products and the numbers assigned to those colors

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