Custom Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirts

Custom Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirts

Posted By: I Love Christmas! Published: 16/10/2017

custom made Silk Christmas Tree SkirtsOut of Chaos...my work area - the dining room table :-)

Get Your Own Custom Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirt: A Work in Progress...

There is something special about wearing real silk - poly-silk just doesn't cut it. And there is something special about owning a real silk Christmas tree skirt - particularly if one get to choose one's own theme and colors. Savvy picky Christmas decorators (like us) who carefully select ornaments garlands and holiday decorations want something more when it comes to a Christmas tree skirt.

Following are a few of the custom silk Christmas tree skirts I've made.

custom christmas tree skirt with red bows

Silk Christmas Tree skirt for a tree decorated with red bows.

custom tree skirt for a tree decorated with angel and nativity ornaments

Christmas Tree skirt for a tree decorated with gold angels and nativity ornaments.

Custom silk Christmas tree skirt that I made for myself with the decorated tree

Silk Christmas Tree skirt on a rectangular table top. Tree has turquoise, teal, burgundy and clear ornaments.

I made this silk tree skirt to highlight the turquoise and burgundy ornaments on my tree. This custom silk Christmas tree skirt also coordinates with elements of my home decor. I love it! :-)

Here is a custom-made Christmas tree skirt for a dear friend who also decorates with turquoise ornaments.

Custom made silk Christmas tree skirt with turquoise decorations on silver sheen fabric.

The turquoise color in the photo is not quite the same as in 'real life'. The trim is actually teal, turquoise, seafoam and pale gold. I glammed it up for her - she is that kind of a gal. :-) Had enough fabric to make stockings for the whole family - pics below. This fabric with a silver sheen is available for your custom Christmas tree skirt.

This year I made a tree skirt (right photo below) and reversible stockings for the Christmas tree I made for my little god-grandson. (left photo). Needless to say his skirt is not silk and was not labor intensive like the skirts I usually make. But if you like this fabric style and color I have it in a lighter toned silk fabric. If you want to make a Christmas tree for your little ones, here is how I did it.


I recently revisited the first relatively uncomplicated silk Christmas tree skirt that I made 7 years ago and added the Nativity theme. It is hard to see in the photo but the larger decorations have hearts in the center. I love heart ornaments at Christmas. They remind me that Jesus came to die for our sins and did so willingly because of Gods' great love for us.

If I were doing this today, I would arrange the decorations differently or skip the decoration placed above the center manger scene. But what the heck. If you cannot go a little overboard at Christmas time when can you? :-) Photos below.

first silk Christmas tree skirt I ever made       my first tree skirt redecorated with burgundy nativity scenes

I would be happy to custom make a unique silk Christmas tree skirt to match your holiday decorations and enhance your holiday home decor. It will become a prized possession that you are proud to display every holiday. Call or email me today!

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