Creative Christmas Stocking Ideas

Creative Christmas Stocking Ideas

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Personalizing Your Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings made by hand are a great gift for blessing someone who loves the holiday season. Grandparents - do not despair! your children are grown and gone but, the grands will enjoy having a stocking with their name on it at your holiday home. It will be an excellent opportunity to give them what your parents put in your stocking at Christmas and share your holiday stories. And remember  to include a word or two of wisdom - either from your personal experience, a family saying, a valued quote or a treasured Bible verse.

The stockings above, were made for a family with two grandmothers and a great-grandmother all of whom gather in one home for the Christmas holiday. The stocking for the great-grandmother has a gift box representing each of her children. The stars represent each of their children. For the grandmothers the stars represent the first generation of children. It would have taken too many stars to add all of the grand children. The colors were chosen to blend with the holiday decorating color scheme of the grandchild placing the order. I also made a tree skirt for her in the same quilted silk fabric.

Personally, I love hearts at Christmas. It is a time for loving, giving and sharing with others. I keep a bowl with personalized miniature hearts under my tree with a miniature glass ornament for each loved one who visits during the holiday to put on the tree.

Personalizing the gift stockings makes the holiday more special. And, Christmas stockings can be personalized in so many ways. With the advent of heat applied images, Cricut type crafting machines, scanners and tracing paper, your stocking can be decorated any way you want. Use your knowledge of the loved one and a bit of imagination. For instance, if you have a child or grandchild who is in a particular sport, attaching an emblem, applique, or iron-on image to their stocking will make their day. Here are a few more ideas:

  • match a holiday design theme
  • match a holiday color scheme
  • a hobby
  • a sport they love or play
  • an activity the loved one enjoys
  • a skill at which they excel
  • the number of their children
  • a photo of each individual child
  • attach a photo ornament of each adult person when they were a child
  • a particular skill or ability of each person
  • a favorite book, record or movie
  • their name or initials
As for what to put in the stockings, a search here or here will give you lots of ideas.

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