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Decorating with Glass Christmas Tree Garlands

Decorating with Glass Christmas Tree Garlands

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Christmas Holiday Decorating with Glass Garland

I've got a serious 'bee in my bonnet' about things being real. Real is always better than fake. That especially applies to people, diamonds and holiday decor. Real Christmas trees always look better than fake. Even though nowadays it is sometimes hard to tell the difference. The pine-y smell of a real tree that fills your home the first week it is in residence, cannot be imitated. Glass Christmas ornaments look and feel better than plastic. Glass bead Christmas tree garlands look better than acrylic bead garlands. In my opinion, nothing sparkles and shines on a Christmas tree better than a real glass garland or real glass ornaments.

How Much Glass Garland Will You Need? Measuring your tree will give you a better idea of the exact number of garlands needed. The length of garland that you will need depends on the height and width of your tree, how deeply the garland swags, whether it is laid on inside or outside branches, straight across, swagged, in horizontal rows 12" apart, further than that or closer than 12" apart and how many rows around the tree. If you are choosing a garland for a wider than average artificial or real tree, allow for the extra width and get the longest length. If choosing for a narrower than normal (slender or pencil-type ) deduct for the decreased width.

Approximate quantities (hung vertically-front and 2 sides):

  • 4-6 39" garlands (60"-120") decorates a tree 2 ft - 3 ft tall 2 per side (separating each garland at 18"- 2 garlands on each side)
  • 20-26 garlands (600"-780") connected by two's 3 per side decorates a tree up to 4 ft tall x 2 ft wide.
  • 24-39 garlands (720"-1170") connected by three's 4 per side decorates a tree up to 7 ft tall.

Approximate  quantities (laid horizontally) on a 4 ft tall x 2 ft wide tree:

  • 1 - 30"-32"-39" garland to cover each side: front, back, right and left or 4 garlands for the widest row.
  • Multiply that for each row assuming they are laid 12" or 1 ft apart going up the tree (one additional row per foot of height.)
  • You will need approximately 16 garlands to cover a tree that is 4 ft x 2 ft
  • Approximately 32-36 garlands (960"-1080"-) to decorate a tree up to 7 ft tall

Glass garlands can be used on a tabletop or floor height tree. If you are still working on your ornament collection and the tree does not have a lot of ornaments, weave a colorful 1" - 2" sheer ribbon garland between the arms of the tree. Hang your ornaments in the center of a set of multiple branches rather than trying to place one on each branch tip.

Placement Tips - Gently swagged garland looks more graceful than straight or diagonal lines across the tree. Deeply swagged garland is beautiful but can best be used on large trees with open space between thick branches strong enough to support the total weight without bending.

When to Put it On - Garland should be placed on the tree after the lights are installed. Then, you can arrange the beads so that they catch the light. Once the garland is in place the ornaments and other decorations can be added.

Double or Triple It. For added interest use 2 or 3 types of glass garland twisted together - most effective with different colors of glass garlands or beads with different sizes. Use design principles of size: Variation and repetition when choosing garlands to use together.

Attaching A Garland: Garland will generally stay where you put it on an artificial or real Christmas tree. However, most garlands tend to slip off the branches of a metal ornament tree - metal display trees for ornaments jewelry crafts. Some flexible garlands can be wound over and under branches to hold them in place. In the alternative, a glass garland can be secured with a small piece of wire a ribbon or a small brown or green twist tie.

Vertical Garland: Attach an ornament hook to the top of the garland, place them under the tree topper and allow them to hang down Vertically. Add some twists and turns by wiring to branches if necessary to add visual interest and graceful curves.

Cut Up Beaded Garlands Glass bead garlands can sometimes be separated into shorter lengths and used like tinsel to drape over branches. Separate a glass garland into sections about 12 inches long fold in half and lay over on a branch. Vary the lengths to get a more interesting look. This works best with garland that is very flexible and will fold easily over branches. Make sure that separating the garland won't cause beads to fall off. Garlands connected with metal wire work best for this. Don't use this technique for glass pearl beads because they are usually strung with knotted string.

More Ideas for Using Glass Garlands: You are not limited to decorating with glass Christmas tree garlands by just hanging them on a tree.

  • pile them up in a tall glass container
  • lay them in a bowl mixed with small ornaments
  • intertwine in a real or artificial pine garland or wreath
  • drape and swag across the front of a mantle.
  • hang lengthwise down along the sides of a mantle
  • Drape along and down from a chandelier
  • NOT ENOUGH IDEAS? Go here for a few more decorating suggestions
I hope you've gained a few new ideas for your holiday decorating. :-)

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Tags: Ideas for decorating with Glass Christmas tree garlands

Tags: Ideas for decorating with Glass Christmas tree garlands

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