Glass 16MM Bead Christmas Tree Garland - Silver Wire 39 inches

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Specific Features

  • Sold Individually. Assembled by hand.
  • Glass beads in garland are breakable and should be treated as fragile-Not handled roughly or displayed within the reach of small children or pets.
  • Gift Card upon request: add a note in the "Comments" area of the cart.

Use and Care

  • DO NOT store in an area subject to moisture, high humidity, heat, smoke, mold, direct sunlight or freezing.
  • When the holiday season is over, wipe gently with a soft cloth before putting them away.
  • Off-Season Storage: Keep and use the reusable bubble wrap and black gift box or shipping carton.

Information Related to Special Orders

  • Advance Order Recommended? No
  • Hand Modified Item: Yes. Allow 1 week for custom order of 6 or more strands to be connected.
  • Layaway Plan Available? Yes. $150 minimum. Set up during checkout.
  • Restocking: Yes
  • If the design that you want is not shown or sold out - contact me for assistance.

Information Related to Shipping

  • Dimensional Weight? 1 lbs
  • Oversized? No
  • Off-Season Storage: Keep and use the gift box carton
  • USPS or UPS shipping to USA addresses
  • International Shipping by USPS Priority International mail.
  • Ships From Area Subject to Weather-Related Delays. Allow extra delivery time during holiday season or if order is placed after December 1st.

16MM Cut Glass Bead Christmas Tree Garland on Nickel Silver Wire - 39" long

Glass 16MM Bead Christmas Tree Garland - Silver Wire 39 inches

Nothing sparkles like real glass on a Christmas tree! This beautiful 16mm glass bead Christmas tree garland on nickel silver wire will beautify the outer branches of a real tree with sturdy branches, a metal ornament tree or an artificial Christmas tree. Reflects light. The glass garland is heavy and needs thick or metal stiffened branches to support it.  I assemble these by hand and will cap the ends with a small charm. Or, if you prefer, I can leave the hooks open on the ends. Just add a note in the Comments area of the cart at checkout.

  • Luxurious 16MM Austrian style cut glass beads on brass wire pins.
  • Clear Glass beads are approx. 1/2" in diameter, 3/8" deep
  • Christmas tree garland beads are octagonal in overall design
  • Flat front, Beveled Sides, Pointed Back
  • Each glass garland is (at the present time) 1 meter or 39" long
  • Ends are capped with a small silver "Made with Love" charm

Approximate quantities (hung vertically-front and 2 sides):

  • 4-6 39" glass garlands (60"-120") decorates a tree 2 ft - 3 ft tall 2 per side (separating each garland at 18"- 2 garlands on each side)
  • 20-26 glass garlands (600"-780") connected by two's 3 per side decorates a tree up to 4 ft tall.
  • 24-39 glass garlands (720"-1170") connected by three's 4 per side decorates a tree up to 7 ft tall.

Approximate  quantities (laid horizontally) on a 4 ft tall x 2 ft wide tree:

  • 1 - 30"-32"-39" glass garland to cover each side: front, back, right and left or 4 garlands for the widest row.
  • Multiply that for each row assuming they are laid 12" or 1 ft apart going up the tree (one additional row per foot of height.)
  • You will need approximately 16 garlands to cover a tree that is 4 ft x 2 ft
  • Approximately 32-36 glass garlands (960"-1080"-) to decorate a tree up to 7 ft tall
Measuring your tree will give you a better idea of the exact number of glass garlands needed. That total will also depend upon how tightly you wind the glass garland around the tree, how deeply you swag the garland on each row, whether you place them on the outer edge or inner edges of your tree, straight across, looped, in rows 12" apart, further than that or closer than 12" apart. Also, given that the width of the tree decreases with each foot of height, you may be able to decrease the number of garlands per row from 4 garlands to 3 to 2 and eventually to 1 garland. As a general rule, the height to width ratio of Christmas trees is 2:1-the width will be approximately one half of the height. So, a 4 ft tree will be 2 ft wide, a six foot tree will be 3 ft wide, etc.  If you are choosing a garland for a wider than average artificial or real tree, allow for the extra width of your tree and get the longest length. If choosing for a narrower than normal (slender or pencil-type ) deduct for the decreased width.

Multiple strands ordered will be connected. If you order multiples and do NOT want them connected, please select that option before adding to your cart. If you want the longer glass garlands separated at 18" for a smaller tree, select unconnected and add that note in the 'Comments' area of our cart. The hook ends will not be capped with a charm. If you order multiples and want some connected and some not, select that option. Then, add a note in the 'Comments' area of our cart telling us how many to connect and how many to leave unconnected.

NOTE: I will go over each strand and gently push in the wires connecting the beads to keep them from snagging. The nickel metal connecting pins are strong and the beads will not fall off of the connectors during normal use. However, beads may separate during shipping, during the unwrapping or while you are placing them. Have a pair of needle nose pliers on hand in case you need to join a few again. A piece of Scotch tape on the teeth will help to avoid marring the finish on the connectors. The wire ends can be pulled apart by hand to add a different charm, other holiday design elements or to add more garland chains at the end if you wish.

The entire glass garland is wrapped in self-adhesive bubble wrap which is reusable if carefully handled. But, the glue may come off if you store your garland in a warm or moist area. (Please don't!!) If you are not reusing the bubble wrap, wipe beads with a soft lint-free cloth before storing. I also supply a black gloss gift box (Indestructo) for off-season storage. Visit my Christmas decorating blog to get a few ideas for using glass bead garlands in your home this holiday season. Or my page of glass garland decorating tips.

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