LeCreuset Cookware: Second Quality from the Factory Pieces

LeCreuset Cookware: Second Quality from the Factory Pieces

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Le Creuset 2nd Quality Cookware

Yes, Le Creuset does sell its' cookware and bakeware pieces that are in good condition and useful but not first quality. There are several, easy ways to recognize Second Quality cast iron enamelled pieces.

(1) I've been told that one can tell by the quality of the interior finish if one has a second quality piece - particularly when the interior finish is white, beige or tan. LeCreuset applies three coats of enamel to their cast iron pieces: one black and two of the finish color. First quality pieces have two coats of the finish color.  Second quality pieces usually have just one coat of the interior color. The second quality item will appear to have a black undercast and be darker because of the single coat of the interior color.

(2) Second quality items may also have what I call "pindots" (marks, bumps, dimples or an unenamelled area about the size of the head of a straight pin), chips (often covered by enamel) or spalling (a small area where the enamel coating was unevenly applied, applied over a flaw in the cast iron or looks to be scraped off or worn away like that in the image.) They may not look good but, none of these conditions will affect the life or usability of the pot or pan. From my own experience, one should use these pots/pans with recipes containing oil as the ingredients will stick to the surface a little more than usual.

(3) Le Creuset usually marks their second quality pieces with a number "O", a number "1", or an "X" on the inside of the lid or underside of the handle.

(4) Second quality items are usually available at Le Creuset outlet stores and often on eBay. If purchasing there, be sure to ask lots of questions and ask for close up photos if you are not sure. A reputable seller will identify their piece as second quality. And the flaws indicating 2nd quality do not show well in photos.  Second quality purchased new is usually not fully covered by the LeCreuset warranty.

For more information about Le Creuset cookware, visit their website "https://www. lecreuset-usa.com" . It has their warranty, some use and care information and current colors and styles. Be sure to read my other discontinued e-bay articles with tips for caring and storing LeCreuset cast iron cookware. (c) 2010-present. -- Blessings from a Le Creuset lover/user.

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