Online Auction Fabric Color Chart

Given that computer monitors display colors differently, the Online Auction Color Chart website was the best way to get a fairly good idea of the coloring of fabrics or clothing sold on eBay and elsewhere on the internet. Unfortunately, their website is no longer active. But, I have scanned a few pages from the chart so that you can get an idea of the available range of fabric colors.

In keeping with the holiday feel, I love to use neutral colored silk fabrics with a slight gold or silver sheen / glow that will show well under a lighted Christmas tree. Colors with an X in the box (or jewel tone silks) are colors that are only available if I can find and get it for you at a reasonable price. The more unique the color, the more expensive it may be.

NONE of these colors will be an exact match for the fabrics on my site. Why? The color that you see on your monitor probably will not match the color that I see on my monitor. If you are purchasing a custom made Christmas tree skirt, you can order a small 1"-2" color sample or contact me.

  1. Alabaster White Silk: is similar to #OAC-909  
  2. Cream/Ivory Silk:  is similar to # OAC-816   
  3. Decorative Cream Silk: is similar to #OAC-909         
  4. Eggplant Purple Silk: (not shown)
  5. Light Beige Silk w/Silver Sheen: is similar to #OAC-781    
  6. Warm Beige (Cafe au Lait) Silk w/Gold Sheen: is in between OAC #717 & OAC #718
  7. Red/Green/Blue Trim Tree Skirts: is similar to OAC-, 779, 780 or OAC-711

The Online Auction Chart was copyrighted in 2004 by the Online Auction Chart Company.