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Here are step-by-step instructions for reducing family photos down to a size that will fit our frames. Items needed: Photos, 20-33 lb matte or glossy white photo paper or lightweight white card stock 60 lb, double-sided removable tape, copy machine (color or black and white.)

STEP ONE: Lay your all of your photos out on a table. Decide which photo you want to place in each frame. Choose the orientation of your photo to match the photo frame of your choice. Most of our frames can be hung vertically.

STEP TWO: Organize them so that photos of the same size are together. Photos of varying sizes will not look the same when reduced. For example, a 4 x 6 photo reduced by 50% will be smaller than an 8 x 10 photo reduced by 50%.

STEP THREE: Attach the photos to sheets of white paper by using removable double sided tape. Tape around all of the edges to be sure they are laying down flat.

STEP FOUR: Create a template to use as a guide for reducing and cutting your photos. (1) take the frame apart. (2) Remove the acrylic photo cover. Measure the cover. If you are concerned about tearing the photo cover, trace around the photo cover on a piece of transparency.

STEP FIVE: If you are using a copier to reduce the photos, start with black and white copies. Experiment with the reduction percentage. Start by reducing the photos 50% (approximately two inches to one inch.) Increase (or decrease) the reduction gradually until you get the size that will fit the frame and be clearly visible. Use a color copier with sharp, clear output for your final photos, such as a color laser copier.

If you are planning to scan the photos and use your computer for printing them, measure the acrylic photo cover, from top to bottom and across the middle. Also measure the inside edge of the frame where the photo will lay. Reduce each scanned photo to fit between the outside edge of the acrylic photo cover and the inside edge of the frame. Do a test print for clarity and fit.

NOTE: Output from a color inkjet printer will fade over time. You can lightly spray the surface of the finished photos with a clear archival quality varnish or photo preservative available at craft and/or art supply stores. If you are printing a large number of photos, be sure to have fresh, waterproof (and lightproof if you can find it) ink cartridges on hand before you start.

STEP SIX: Cut out each picture individually, trim it to fit inside your frame and insert it into your mini photo frame, in between the acrylic cover.

STEP SEVEN: Replace the outside frame and hang it on the ornament tree. Many of our miniature photo frames have hangers or a lightweight chain on the back for hanging.

STEP EIGHT: Build a family tree by arranging photos of the older generations at the top and younger family members on the lower level. For example:

  • Place photos of your grandparents on the top level
  • Photos of your parents on the second level
  • Photos of you and your siblings on the third level
  • Photos of your children and the children of your siblings on the fourth level
  • Photos of their children on the lowest level

Or, in the reverse. Hang your finished photos on the metal, artificial or real tree of your choice. Depending upon which type of tree you choose, you can get up to twenty framed miniature photos on a tree 27" - 36". On the larger trees you can hang more. Here are a few more ideas for building a photo tree to use at a family reunion, corporate event, classroom:

  • grand-kids tree: with photos of grandchildren and great-grand's, etc.
  • ancestors tree: with photos of family elders preceding a certain date- great for a family reunion
  • a tree with just your immediate family
  • auntie-uncle tree
  • a business / organization family tree with photos of the founders and leaders of your company or organization
  • educational use to explain historical relationships: photos of American presidents, leaders, government structure etc.

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